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Computer aided technologies

Computer Aided Technologies

From conceptual design to end result validation, our processes are aided by a vast number of expert techniques, designing softwares and laboratory standard QA equipments


Latest CAD/CAM modelling software available in working with our customers.

Mold Flow Analytics

Analytics that provides insights into potential pitfalls of product and mold designs, allowing optimization.

Variety of Lab Equipments

Color testing / temperature testing / UV testing / resin melt index testing / transparency testing etc.

Precision Measuring Equipments

3D CMM / 2.5D Smart scope machines are standard in FAI / CPK report generation as well as other secondary QA tests and techniques.
With Moldex3D, we are able to detail potential pitfalls in the production process and better our design through alteration of runnner shapes, runner sizes, runner location, gas ventilation areas, stress locations, heat concerntrations, warpages and deformations.